Change is constant. 

Orange mornings.

As sad as I am about saying goodbye to summer (ok well I live in London and you only meet summer for a week, but still!), I am quite keen to welcome the reds and orange scenario that Autumn brings with it. Sun burns brighter and with that slight burnt colour that completely melts my heart.

Autumn in London is probably not the best, but it brings with it drama and colour that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Along with the occasional rain but hey you cant have it all.

The beautiful Hyde park and Richmond park and every other small or big park transforms into a bright red and yellow and orange that makes you smile no matter which mood you are in. The wind gets stronger and the trees let go of their leaves to end their time with a dance.

Sunsets and sunrise make you feel like a part to the poetry that this earth is writing out. Painters have tried, writers have tried, musicians have tried but when you witness the colours of the sunset you know nothing comes close.

Just before we head into the peak of autumn, I tried to capture some photos from around me and make a small attempt at explaining the beauty of this changing season. I hope you enjoy it.

All rights reserved.

Mira joshi. 

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