And again. 

Tucked away in south west London is a little charming green hide out. Wimbledon Common. Stretching from Putney down to Wimbledon and west ward unto Richmond with the A3 cutting inbetween. Being in London I have finally learned to not worry about weather and just head on with the plan. Wet or dry. As long as you pack for every season you are good to go. 

The intimate village high street has a lot more to offer than you can imagine. Some rather gorgeous labels to shop from and a range of cafes and restaurants. Having had a delicious meal at the Ivy we set off on what was a promising walk through acres of green. We headed into the green and it poured down with a vengeance. But us troopers treaded on. The trees swaying in the breeze and heavy drops of rain falling on everything in sight made for some rather enchanting music. It gave us something to hum about. But the sky had no mercy. So we took a detour and found refuge in the beautiful Buddhapadipa temple that comes along the way. I can never get enough of this place. Secluded. Calm. Beauty. 

The temple is a gorgeous Buddhist centre built in 1966. The King and Queen of Thailand inaugurated it and the temple is affiliated with the Royal Thai Embassy. The unique gold structure of the building is minutes from the world famous Wimbledon courts. It is not something you would expect in a quite green suburb of London. Just stepping through the main gates brings you an instant feeling of comfort and calm. To the front is the monks home where everyone is welcome. If you arrive during meal times there is food for everyone. The main building is breathtaking. When you decide to stop staring and enter the temple, you will be blown away by the art that take over the inside walls. Every inch is handprinted in the brightest colours and gold. Each wall describes the life lessons of Buddha. If you look close amongst the depiction of the human race you may find famous faces, from the likes of Charlie Chaplin to Margaret Thatcher. Quite a game to see how many you can spot. Sitting in front of the idols of Buddha there is a sense of peace that comes to you. The temple also runs regular meditation classes if you are keen. 

Having found more than we came for, we headed back on our walk into the common. The skies had opened up and it made for a much more enjoyable afternoon. 

Find a day to visit Wimbledon, there is something for everyone. From tennis museum to temples, to green stretches to your regular city entertainment. 

As the rain was heavy I could not get many pictures but here are a few that I could capture. 

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