Mini heaven. 

I used to wake up to the sound of helicopters and trains. Downside of living in zone 1! Although it had a lot more conveniences there was no calm or peace when i got home after wandering the city. 

We recently moved to a cottage just a few miles out of central London but very much part of the city. Ample city benefits of transport, shops and security. But also the closeness to nature that is often too little between the concrete jungle.  

Waking up to colours and birds chirping and the morning hustle and bustle which now seems distant, has been the change I needed. Only leaving the high rise for a little cottage away from the high streets can make all the difference. Calmness with which I wake up now has meant stress levels have reduced. I actually enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Kind of explains the doctors orders of surround yourself with goodness and that’s how you lead your life. 

Some images of the colour I have in my tiny garden. 


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