Go green. 

There is something about the colour green. It brings around an instant calm, cool and happy effect. It’s a lively colour, traditionally symbolic to growth, renewal and wellbeing.

 It is also a big reminder of spring and the coming hot summer months. It brings about the balance that we need after a dry grey winter. When the first light of the sun hits the fresh green leaves, grass in the garden/park it reminds you of how magical this world really is.

 I doubt there is anyone in the world who would walk on the green grass with the clear reflective morning dew and not have an instant smile on their face. It brings in a new charge. In chromatic therapy, the green is used to soothe the soul and mind.

 No wonder then, nature uses the green so much. Behind that gorgeous bright purple flower that you have never seen before is the hard work of the green leaves and stalk and stems that nurture and feed it into the most beautiful bloom it can be. After a day in the concrete jungle and its hustle bustle, a walk in the park can bring a huge calm into your mind. It works for me.

 Walking through the park near me I found many shades of green that has me want some of it within my home. While I decide which one is my favourite, please have a look at a few of images and let me know yours.

Copyright Mira Joshi 2017


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