There is this unexplainable feeling you get when you enter your home. Possibly from a stressful day at work, or a tour, or just at the end of a shopping trip. It does not matter how long you have been away, but the feeling of warmth and comfort and belonging is unparallel.

Sometimes the sudden emotional overcharge could be caused by a song, city, person, art, even sudden rain during your day! Bliss points of our lives that are triggered with mundane occurances or objects.

I had this same feeling when I walked through Wimbledon Village. When I first moved to the UK, this is where I lived. The stores have changed from family owned bakeries and shops to popular chains ( I could jump into a rant at this topic). In place of the Tesco there used to be a small family owned grocery store. The old couple that ran it always spoke to me with so much warmth. They were in their own way trying to comfort me for being so far away from my parents every time I went to pick up the milk!

It reminded me of sad evenings missing home and friends and wondering if the decision was right. Trying to realign myself into a new world. Reminded me of promises of heartbreaks and of determination of making the decision work.

The friends I made then are still the ones I turn to for advice, shoulder to cry on or just gossip! We have all moved on to different pastures but the connection to this village still exists. If we are all in London at the same time, we meet here. Laugh at the silliness, applaud the achievements and thank the universe for the chance. Its a good measure of how far you have come and how far you still have to go.

I hope the images below on a typical grey London afternoon will help you see what makes me love this place. I apologise for getting a little soppy remembering my 20 year old self!




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