Better late than never. I was meant to post this last night. But Sunday took over. 

It seems to take forever before spring gets a chance to set in. But once the new buds bloom and fresh leaves take over, London turns into a green canvas. 

Weekends are for wandering and taking a breather so where better than one of many London  parks. South London seems to have some of the most beautiful parks of them all. 

It’s such an untamed splendour of land. The space is completely organic.  It’s quite a maze too. So easy to be lost amongst the many beaten path made by years of use. There are also mini routes that were obviously created by the more adventurous who were curious about what lay behind the walls of trees. 

Being London, it was a cloudy day with a breeze that means, you end up tugging along your rain mac and a jumper with a bag to dump it all in case the sun shines. High pollen warranted an orchestra of sneezes. 

But it was still all worth it when you walk through undisturbed woods and see the buds, flowers and leaves all shining in their best greens. 

Some images to showcase the day. 


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