I have recently started using the word “super” a lot. I find I use it instead of nice, great or that’s perfect as a response. It so happens that a new person in my life who I have recently spent more time with, uses it often. 

How many things or people or situations of a day influence what decisions you make that day? 

I saw a man lost in his phone, without noticing that he had stopped mid footpath and people were meanouvering around him. Was it an urgent message? Did he get that contract he has been waiting for? A new Instagram update from his crush that he had to see? It did not matter. It made for a great shot for my feed. Mocking the social media drug whilst I used the social media!

He made me realise that I too stop to use my phone as soon as it pings. Which has made me consciously not answer messages until I am sat down or waiting at the bus stop. The idea of not wanting to look like a zombie on the high street was a trigger. 

Yesteday I was heading to meet a friend for lunch. I was not late but I was still rushing as Londoners do! I saw this rather dashing man, standing on the edge of the green square, admiring his view. Probably in deep thought but it made me slow down. I had ten minutes. And I could slow it down. I did. I sat on the bench at the square, watching some birds fighting over bread crumbs. Took me away from my to do list. This break helped me carry on with my day slightly calmer. Just because I gave my brain a 5 min break. 

How often does our day change its course because something or someone influenced our mood, our thought, our ideas. Watching an elderly couple walk hand in hand makes you want to call your loved ones or parents because it’s been days since you called. It makes you happy and the person at the other end. Seeing some children jump in a water fountain with joy reminds you to smile. Watching friends enjoy a cup of coffee in the sunshine makes you put the date in the diary for next time out with the friend you miss. 

As long as we observe and take notice of what’s happening around us, there is a good chance of staying sane. And it helps taking good candid pictures. 

Copyright Mira Joshi. 


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